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        Quality Control

        Quality Control
        Quality and certifications

        In 2010 guided into and passed ISO9001:2000 certificate
        In 2014 Passed ISO13485 certificate
        In 2015 acquired TS16949 certificate

        Mould QC Procedure

        1. Mold Design control
        2. Steel Dimension Inspection
        3. Electrodes inspection
        4. Steel Hardness Checking
        5. Mold Pre-Assembly inspection
        6. Samples dimension and structure inspection
        7. FAI/CPK/SPC Study, PPAP partially.
        8. Mold Pre-shipment final Inspection
        9. Mould QC Procedure

        Part QC procedure

        1. Input Quality Control
        2. In-process Quality control
        3. Finished parts control
        4. Outgoing Quality control
        5. Sample management and control

        Quality Facility

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